Saturday, November 03, 2001

Ummmm don't know how to start this..hmmmm let me c..*mind goes blank*:| As you can see im new to this..yes perhaps i feel like Doogie Howser MD but i guess it's something that i will get used to. Well perhaps I should start talking about what I did today..hehehe i dont think anything. My time was definately wasted. Well woke up pretty late..11am and yeah that for me is quite late. After that I did some chores as I was out of the house the whole weekend and I think to make up for it i have to do something productive as I dont wanna look like a worthless piece of furniture. Anyways I did up my room and did some HW and went on the net. Hmmm i guess now u would make the assumption that Sherryn's life is not so interesting..well buddy its not!!!

THe time now is 5pm and Im quite sleepy may take a little nap after this and do my hw. Oh yeah i forgot to mention what i had for lunch. Well nothing too fancy just a simple meal..that is a toasted tomatoe sandwitch. I dont think i might eat later as yesterday i think i still feeling a bit bloated and strangely not very hungry z:( I think i gotta hit the gym soon..i did last month but i was not very consitent with that. I think summer is coming early and i got into the sexc gear but right at the moment i feel like a fat big lard. I've heard that you shoud be self confident...hmm how can people thing assume that gaining self confidence is soo easy. I reckon i really have to work at it as I feel people who are more confident get better opportunities then those who are not.

well i guess i should cut this short. Im really just writing bullshit i reks but then i tried and iguess im not really an interesting person..ehhehe. I will probably try this agian but then agian who can be bothered. I only started this coz a guy i talked to the other night showed me one of his log and i tought to myself i'll igve it try..well i am and i guess its not that bad after all.